How did it begin

From the time I remember, I was very interested in everything about electrics, electronics, and remote control. For years, it hadn't "been" time. For a while, I "modeled" what brought at least the benefit of learning to "crowd" (control the transmitter) in a three-dimensional environment. A few years ago I bought a simple SYMA X8C drone.

It brought a lot of joy. It was pretty good to play with. But joy was joined with suffering and learning. Especially when I flew for about 8 minutes and then I was looking for another 40 minutes for the drone abducted by the gust of wind. Battery life not much, videos shaky, pics No comment. Then a decision was made, there is something to do with it. From today's point of view, it was an interesting toy, but for serious shooting or filming it was unusable.
And that's a whole different chapter ...